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Robert Hanmer Pattern Oriented Software - nibiru-game.ru

Robert Hanmer Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies

Implement programming best practices from the ground up Imagine how much easier it would be to solve a programming problem, if you had access to the best practices from all the top experts in the field, and you could follow the best design patterns that have evolved through the years. Well, now you can. This unique book offers development solutions ranging from high-level architectural patterns, to design patterns that apply to specific problems encountered after the overall structure has been designed, to idioms in specific programming languages–all in one, accessible, guide. Not only will you improve your understanding of software design, you'll also improve the programs you create and successfully take your development ideas to the next level. Pulls together the best design patterns and best practices for software design into one accessible guide to help you improve your programming projects Helps you avoid re-creating the wheel and also meet the ever-increasing pace of rev cycles, as well as the ever-increasing number of new platforms and technologies for mobile, web, and enterprise computing Fills a gap in the entry-level POSA market, as well as a need for guidance in implementing best practices from the ground up Save time and avoid headaches with your software development projects with Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies.

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Michael Braun Object-Oriented Programming with SIMOTION. Fundamentals, Program Examples and Software Concepts According to IEC 61131-3

In mechanical engineering the trend towards increasingly flexible solutions is leading to changes in control systems. The growth of mechatronic systems and modular functional units is placing high demands on software and its design. In the coming years, automation technology will experience the same transition that has already taken place in the PC world: a transition to more advanced and reproducible software design, simpler modification, and increasing modularity. This can only be achieved through object-oriented programming. This book is aimed at those who want to familiarize themselves with this development in automation technology. Whether mechanical engineers, technicians, or experienced automation engineers, it can help readers to understand and use object-oriented programming. From version 4.5, SIMOTION provides the option to use OOP in accordance with IEC 61131-3 ED3, the standard for programmable logic controllers. The book supports this way of thinking and programming and offers examples of various object-oriented techniques and their mechanisms. The examples are designed as a step-by-step process that produces a finished, ready-to-use machine module. Contents: Developments in the field of control engineering – General principles of object-oriented programming – Function blocks, methods, classes, interfaces – Modular software concepts – Object-oriented design, reusable and easy-to-maintain software, organizational and legal aspects, software tests – I/O references, namespaces, general references – Classes in SIMOTION, instantiation of classes and function blocks, compatible and efficient software – Introduction to SIMOTION and SIMOTION SCOUT.

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Michael Kircher Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture, Patterns for Resource Management

The first volume of the POSA pattern series introduced a broad-spectrum of general-purpose patterns in software design and architecture. The second narrowed the focus to fundamental patterns for building sophisticated concurrent and networked software systems and applications. This volume uses design patterns to present techniques for implementing effective resource management in a system. The patterns are covered in detail making use of several examples providing directions to the readers on how to implement the presented patterns. Additionally, the volume presents a thorough introduction into resource management and a case study where the patterns are applied to the domain of mobile radio networks. The patterns are grouped by different areas of resource management and hence address the complete lifecycle of resources: resource acquisition, coordination and release.

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Witold Suryn Software Quality Engineering. A Practitioner's Approach

A concise, engineering-oriented resource that provides practical support to IT professionals and those responsible for the quality of the software or systems they develop Software quality stems from two distinctive, but associated, topics in software engineering: software functional quality and software structural quality. This book studies the tenets of both of these notions, which focus on the efficiency and value of a design, respectively. It addresses engineering quality on both the application and system levels with attention to information systems (IS) and embedded systems (ES) as well as recent developments. Software Quality Engineering introduces the basic concepts of quality engineering like the nature of the engineering process, quality models and measurements, and evaluation quality, and provides a step-by-step overview of the application of software quality engineering in commonly recognized phases of the software development process. It also discusses management of software quality engineering processes, with special attention to budget, planning, conflict resolution, and traceability of quality requirements. Targeted at graduate engineering students and software quality specialists, Software Quality Engineering: Provides an analysis of interdependence between software functionality and its quality Includes a list of software quality engineering “to-dos” and models of software quality requirements traceability Covers the practical use of related ISO/IEC JTCI/SC7 standards

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Mili Ali Software Testing. Concepts and Operations

Explores and identifies the main issues, concepts, principles and evolution of software testing, including software quality engineering and testing concepts, test data generation, test deployment analysis, and software test management This book examines the principles, concepts, and processes that are fundamental to the software testing function. This book is divided into five broad parts. Part I introduces software testing in the broader context of software engineering and explores the qualities that testing aims to achieve or ascertain, as well as the lifecycle of software testing. Part II covers mathematical foundations of software testing, which include software specification, program correctness and verification, concepts of software dependability, and a software testing taxonomy. Part III discusses test data generation, specifically, functional criteria and structural criteria. Test oracle design, test driver design, and test outcome analysis is covered in Part IV. Finally, Part V surveys managerial aspects of software testing, including software metrics, software testing tools, and software product line testing. Presents software testing, not as an isolated technique, but as part of an integrated discipline of software verification and validation Proposes program testing and program correctness verification within the same mathematical model, making it possible to deploy the two techniques in concert, by virtue of the law of diminishing returns Defines the concept of a software fault, and the related concept of relative correctness, and shows how relative correctness can be used to characterize monotonic fault removal Presents the activity of software testing as a goal oriented activity, and explores how the conduct of the test depends on the selected goal Covers all phases of the software testing lifecycle, including test data generation, test oracle design, test driver design, and test outcome analysis Software Testing: Concepts and Operations is a great resource for software quality and software engineering students because it presents them with fundamentals that help them to prepare for their ever evolving discipline.

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Anime desk PS /PPT office software shortcut key pattern large size high quality printing gaming mouse pad edge control mousepad

Rost Johann The Dark Side of Software Engineering. Evil on Computing Projects

Betrayal! Corruption! Software engineering? Industry experts Johann Rost and Robert L. Glass explore the seamy underbelly of software engineering in this timely report on and analysis of the prevalance of subversion, lying, hacking, and espionage on every level of software project management. Based on the authors' original research and augmented by frank discussion and insights from other well-respected figures, The Dark Side of Software Engineering goes where other management studies fear to tread – a corporate environment where schedules are fabricated, trust is betrayed, millions of dollars are lost, and there is a serious need for the kind of corrective action that this book ultimately proposes.

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Robert Wysocki K. Effective Software Project Management

Why another book on software project management? For some time, the fields of project management, computer science, and software development have been growing rapidly and concurrently. Effective support for the enterprise demands the merging of these efforts into a coordinated discipline, one that incorporates best practices from both systems development and project management life cycles. Robert K. Wysocki creates that discipline in this book–a ready reference for professionals and consultants as well as a textbook for students of computer information systems and project management. By their very nature, software projects defy a «one size fits all» approach. In these pages you will learn to apply best-practice principles while maintaining the flexibility that's essential for successful software development. Learn how to make the planning process fit the need * Understand how and why software development must be planned on a certainty-to-uncertainty continuum * Categorize your projects on a four-quadrant model * Learn when to use each of the five SDPM strategies–Linear, Incremental, Iterative, Adaptive, and Extreme * Explore the benefits of each strategic model and what types of projects it supports best * Recognize the activities that go into the Scoping, Planning, Launching, Monitoring/Controlling, and Closing phases of each strategy * Apply this knowledge to the specific projects you manage * Get a clear picture of where you are and how to get where you want to go

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Andrea Trabocchi Diversity-Oriented Synthesis. Basics and Applications in Organic Synthesis, Drug Discovery, and Chemical Biology

Discover an enhanced synthetic approach to developing and screening chemical compound libraries Diversity-oriented synthesis is a new paradigm for developing large collections of structurally diverse small molecules as probes to investigate biological pathways. This book presents the most effective methods in diversity-oriented synthesis for creating small molecule collections. It offers tested and proven strategies for developing diversity-oriented synthetic libraries and screening methods for identifying ligands. Lastly, it explores some promising new applications based on diversity-oriented synthesis that have the potential to dramatically advance studies in drug discovery and chemical biology. Diversity-Oriented Synthesis begins with an introductory chapter that explores the basics, including a discussion of the relationship between diversity-oriented synthesis and classic combinatorial chemistry. Divided into four parts, the book: Offers key chemical methods for the generation of small molecules using diversity-oriented principles, including peptidomimetics and macrocycles Expands on the concept of diversity-oriented synthesis by describing chemical libraries Provides modern approaches to screening diversity-oriented synthetic libraries, including high-throughput and high-content screening, small molecule microarrays, and smart screening assays Presents the applications of diversity-oriented synthetic libraries and small molecules in drug discovery and chemical biology, reporting the results of key studies and forecasting the role of diversity-oriented synthesis in future biomedical research This book has been written and edited by leading international experts in organic synthesis and its applications. Their contributions are based on a thorough review of the current literature as well as their own firsthand experience developing synthetic methods and applications. Clearly written and extensively referenced, Diversity-Oriented Synthesis introduces novices to this highly promising field of research and serves as a springboard for experts to advance their own research studies and develop new applications.

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Auto Software vivid workshop data v10.2 update to 2010 for repair software collection auto repair software vivid workshop data

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software: Hanmer, Robert ...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software is a welcome addition to Wiley's prestigious Series in Software Design Patterns. Robert Hanmer, a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Alcatel-Lucent, focuses on the software structures and mechanisms that can be designed into a system to enable its continued operation, even though a different part isn't ...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software by Robert Hanmer

Software patterns have revolutionized the way developer's and architects think about how software is designed, built and documented. This new title in Wiley's prestigious Series in Software Design Patterns presents proven techniques to achieve patterns for fault tolerant software. This is a key reference for experts seeking to select a technique appropriate for a given sys

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies: Hanmer ...

Written by design pattern guru Robert Hanmer, this book will arm you with proven solutions for a vast array of software development tasks — from high-level architecture headaches to low-level, language-specific dilemmas, and everything in between.

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture for Dummies by ...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture for Dummies book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Implement programming best practi...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software av Hanmer Robert S ...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies Hanmer Robert S Hanmer Implement programming best practices from the ground up Imagine how much easier it would be to solve a programming problem, if you had access to the best practices from all the top experts in the field, and you could follow the best design pattern...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies ...

Implement programming best practices from the ground up Imagine how much easier it would be to solve a programming problem, if you had access to the best practices from all the top experts in the field, and you could follow the best design patterns that have evolved through the years. Well, now you can. This unique book offers development solutions ranging from high-level architectural ...

Hammer Candlestick Definition and Tactics

A hammer is a candlestick pattern that indicates a price decline is potentially over and an upward price move is forthcoming. The pattern is composed of a small real body and a long lower shadow.

Robert Hammerl - TLI Group

Robert Hammerl stu­dier­te Steu­er- und Wirt­schafts­recht. Er ver­fügt über jah­re­lan­ge Er­fah­rung als Be­triebs­prü­fer in der Fi­nanz­ver­wal­tung so­wie als lei­ten­der An­ge­stell­ter ei­ner auf Um­satz­steu­er­recht spe­zia­li­sier­ten Kanz­lei. Zu­dem war er in der Aus- und Fort­bil­dung bei der baye­ri­schen Fi­nanz­ver­wal­tung tä­tig ...

Robert Hanmer Perfiles | Facebook

Ver perfiles de personas llamadas Robert Hanmer. Únete a Facebook para estar en contacto con Robert Hanmer y otras personas que tal vez conozcas....

Schmerzpraxis Hammer Kontakt

Schmerzpraxis Robert Hammer Dördelweg 10 · 58638 Iserlohn am St. Elisabeth Hospital Telefon: 0 23 71 / 78 83 09 Telefax: 0 23 71 / 78 99 60 eMail: info@hammerschmerz.de. Lageplan. impressum. Sprechzeiten: Mo-Fr 8-12 Mo,Di,Do 13-18. Telefon 02371.788309 ...

Buchrezension: Das Buch „Pattern-Oriented Software ...

Buchrezension: Das Buch „Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture for Dummies“ von Robert Hanmer von Uwe Friedrichsen aus der Zeitschrift JavaSPEKTRUM Ausgabe 04

Robert Hanmer | Facebook

Robert Hanmer is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Robert Hanmer and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the...

Find Robert Hanmer's Background Report in the US

Robert Hanmer in the US. Get full address, contact info, background report and more! Robert J Hanmer , 65 New York, NY. Reputation Score Range 2.83 - 4.02. Reputation Score Range 2.83 - 4.02 View Full Details. Robert Alexander Hanmer , 69 Vero Beach, FL. Reputation Score Range 2.31 - 3.50. ALERT! ...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture For Dummies by ...

Robert Hanmer is a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Alcatel-Lucent. His work has included development, architecture, and evaluation of highly reliable systems for today's telephone network. He has been a prominent member of the software patterns community since the mid-1990s.

الملفات الشخصية لـ ‏‎Robert Hanmer‎‏ | فيسبوك

يمكنك عرض الملفات الشخصية للأشخاص الذين يحملون اسم ‏‎Robert Hanmer‎‏. انضم إلى فيسبوك للتواصل مع ‏‎Robert Hanmer‎‏ وأشخاص آخرين قد تعرفهم. يمنح فيسبوك...

Vintage Roberts Leatherworkers Upholsterers Perfect ...

Vintage Roberts leatherworkers or upholsterers perfect pattern tack hammer with rosewood handles attached with brass rivets, in good used condition. We sell collectable and old usable tools that are lightly cleaned before being offered for sale. Used tools are not perfect and may have minor flaws due to wear and tear. Any major defects will be pointed out in the description. All items are sold ...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software by Robert Hanmer ...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software - Wiley Software Patterns Series (Hardback) Robert Hanmer (author) Sign in to write a review. £34.99. Hardback Published: 19/10/2007 Not available; This product is currently unavailable This product is currently unavailable. This item has been added to your basket ; View basket Checkout. Synopsis. Software patterns have revolutionized the way developer's ...

Hanmer Springs - Wikipedia

Hanmer Springs is a small town in the Canterbury region of the South Island of New Zealand.. It is located 65 kilometres southwest of Kaikoura (135 km by car), in the Hurunui District and 130 kilometres northwest of Christchurch.The town lies on a minor road 9 kilometres north of State Highway 7, the northern route between Christchurch and the West Coast via Lewis Pass.

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software by Hanmer, Robert S ...

Patterns for Fault Tolerant Software (Wiley Software Patterns Series series) by Robert S. Hanmer. Software patterns have revolutionized the way developer’s and architects think about how software is designed, built and documented. <p>This new title in Wiley’s prestigious <i>Series in Software Design Patterns</i> presents proven techniques to achieve patterns for fault tolerant software.

Roberta Hamm (fit2day2800) on Pinterest

See what Roberta Hamm (fit2day2800) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas.

Robert Hanmer | Facebook

Robert Hanmer ist bei Facebook. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Robert Hanmer und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen. Facebook gibt Menschen...

TLI Group

Wir entwickeln und beraten innovative Lösungen, die auf jeden einzelnen Mandanten passgenau ausgerichtet sind und setzen diese mit höchsten Ansprüchen an Qualität und Effizienz um. Mit unseren Konzepten sparen Sie bei der Durchführung Ihrer steuerlichen Prozesse nicht nur Zeit und Geld, sondern sichern auch deren Qualität.

hammer candlestick-pattern

Das candlestick-pattern »hammer« (kanazuchi oder tonkachi) tritt im Abwärtstrend auf und deutet darauf hin, dass der Trend beendet werden könnte. Der Markt startet sehr schwach mit einem größeren, bearishen Eröffnungs-GAP. Anschließend geben die Kurse zunächst deutlich ab. Im späteren Verlauf der Sitzung kommt es aber zu einer Kurserholung (reversal) bis über den Schlusskurs (close ...

Dr. med. Robert Hammer (Arzt) in Iserlohn | jameda

Dr. med. Robert Hammer (Arzt) in Dördelweg 10, 58638 Iserlohn Das sagen Nutzer über Dr. Hammer Finden Sie mehr zu Dr. Hammer!

Robert Hammerl, Autor bei NWB Experten BlogNWB Experten Blog

März 2016 von Robert Hammerl. 2. Neue Entwicklung. Der BFH hatte mit Beschluss vom 27.01.2016 – V B 87/15 zur Frage der Aussetzung der Vollziehung in den Bauträgerfällen Stellung genommen und dargelegt, dass ernstliche Zweifel an der Rechtmäßigkeit der Inanspruchnahme des Subunternehmers durch § 27 Abs. 19 UStG bestehen. Darüber hinaus sieht der BFH in diesem Beschluss es für ...

Robert Hammerstiel – Wikipedia

Robert Hammerstiel (* 18. Februar 1933 in Vršac, deutsch Werschetz, Königreich Jugoslawien) ist ein österreichischer Maler, Grafiker und Holzschneider. Hammerstiel findet durch zahlreiche Auszeichnungen internationale Anerkennung. Robert Hammerstiel, österreichischer Maler, in seinem Atelier in Pottschach (Ternitz) Leben und Werk. Robert Hammerstiel lebte als Kind im serbischen Viertel von ...

Referat 46.2 - Luftverkehr und Luftsicherheit

Robert Hamm Leitender Baudirektor 0711 904-14675 robert.hamm@rps.bwl.de Stellvertretung Sabine Andrä Regierungsdirektorin 0711 904-14609 sabine.andrae@rps.bwl.de

Robert Hammer | Ihr Wüstenrot-Berater in Schwandorf

Robert Hammer Breite Str. 10 92421 Schwandorf. Tel: 09431 2472. Fax: 07141 16832412. Mobil: 0160 95321818. vCard herunterladen Kontaktformular Termin Rückruf Weiterempfehlen Über uns; Kontakt; Ihr Wüstenrot-Berater in Schwandorf Robert Hammer. Herzlich willkommen bei Robert Hammer! Vorsorge-Spezialist der Wüstenrot & Württembergischen in Schwandorf. Wir beraten Sie kompetent und ...

2a. PDF Roberts collection sewing/dress making pattern ...

This listing is for a PDF download which includes instructions as well as pattern files to print at home or alternatively send to a copy shop for AO printouts. This is an uber comfortable, modern and . Skip to content. Submit. Close search. Submit . Search Cart. Home Shop Blog About Home; Shop; Blog; About; Previous slide. Next slide. 2a. PDF Roberts collection sewing/dress making pattern ...

Robert Runkel - Kahlert Padberg - Rechtsanwälte / Notare

Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zu Robert Runkel von Kahlert Padberg - Rechtsanwälte / Notare. Ihrem juristischen und notariellen Ansprechpartner in Hamm, Leipzig und Halle.

Robert Hamer - Wikipedia

Robert Hamer (31 March 1911 – 4 December 1963) was a British film director and screenwriter best known for the 1949 black comedy Kind Hearts and Coronets. Biography. Hamer was born at 179 Chester Road, Kidderminster, along ...

Msgr. Robert Tucker: The hammer of persistence! - The ...

The hammer of success for the coronavirus is persistence. When things are not going well, when time seems to drag and be a bore, and persistence in love and charity for others is so difficult ...

Starfall: A New Beginning (Starpunk): Amazon.de: Hammer ...

Starfall: A New Beginning (Starpunk) | Hammer, Robert | ISBN: 9783964910004 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture for Dummies: Robert ...

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture for Dummies | Implement programming best practices from the ground up Imagine how much easier it would be to solve a programming problem, if you had access to the best practices from all the top experts in the field, and you could follow the best design patterns that have evolved through the years.

Jan-Robert von Renesse – Wikipedia

Hammer Erklärung vom 13.2.2001 für eine bessere Reform (Memento vom 3. September 2003 im Internet Archive) (103 Seiten pdf), 2001: Zukunft der Kirche – 95 Thesen für eine bessere Reform, S. 70–84; Fünf Minuten Kirchenrecht für Klarheit in der Reform, S. 95–93 ; Wiedergutmachung fünf vor zwölf: das „Gesetz zur Zahlbarmachung von Renten aus Beschäftigungen in einem Ghetto“, in ...

Cialdini reloaded - 6+1 Prinzipien, mit denen Deine Nutzer ...

Die von Robert Cialdini bereits im Jahre 1984 aufgestellten sechs Prinzipien des Überzeugens finden ausgiebig Anwendung im Marketing. Auch im Onlinemarketing, vor allem zur Website-Optimierung, werden sie erfolgreich eingesetzt. Am 08. September 2016 – also quasi noch druckfrisch – ist die Erweiterung seines Werks „Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade“ erschienen ...

Ravelry: Designs by Hunter Hammersen

pattern store. store. portfolio. portfolio. designs (298) bundles. pattern store. store ••• Hunter Hammersen I have somehow found myself in the marvelous position of getting to write and publish knitting books for a living. I’m not quite sure how I got to be so lucky, but I’m having great fun! My books include Shoreland Socks, Firmament, Silk Road Socks, Curls, Curls 2, Curls 3, Fine ...

Hammer Robert in Amberg bei Das Telefonbuch finden | Tel ...

Hammer Robert. Möchten Sie Hammer Robert in Amberg-Karmensölden anrufen? Die Telefonnummer 09621 1 53 37 finden Sie ganz oben auf der Seite. Dort erfahren Sie auch die vollständige Adresse von Hammer Robert in Amberg-Karmensölden, um Post dorthin zu schicken.

Robert Hammer in Graz bei XING: 4 Personen | XING

Robert Hammer: Finde 4 Mitglieder in Graz und weiteren Städten, inkl. Kontaktdaten und weiteren Informationen – direkt bei XING!

Hammer Robert in Gammertingen

Hammer Robert Schelmenwasen 19 in Gammertingen, ☎ Telefon 07574 5996830 mit Anfahrtsplan

WA-Fotograf und Katholik Robert Szkudlarek bilanziert ...

Hamm – Die Fastenzeit neigt sich dem Ende: 40 Tage lang verzichteten einige Menschen auf Genuss- und Luxusmittel wie Alkohol, Süßigkeiten oder das Auto. Auch WA-Fotograf Robert Szkudlarek ...

Robert Plattner Profile | Facebook

Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Robert Plattner anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei, um dich mit Robert Plattner und anderen Personen, die du kennen...

Hannover 96: Torwart Ron-Robert Zieler mit der Nr. 1 auf ...

Schräge Nummer bei Hannover 96. Stammkeeper Michael Esser wird mit Nr. 31 im Tor stehen. Vorgänger Ron-Robert Zieler mit der 1 auf der Tribüne.

Healthmask Inh. Robert Mirotta in Hamm auf wlw.de

Healthmask Inh. Robert Mirotta in Hamm | B2B Produkte | Alle Informationen auf einen Blick: Adresse Telefonnummer Zertifikate Jetzt kontaktieren!

Robert Habeck: Viel Meinung, wenig Ahnung – DIE ACHSE DES ...

Robert Habeck: Viel Meinung, wenig Ahnung. Grünenchef Robert Habeck offenbart erneut peinliche Wissenslücken. In einem Interview mit t-online erklärte er: „Die BaFin ist vielleicht gut darin ...

Clean Code - Refactoring, Patterns, Testen und Techniken ...

Clean Code - Refactoring, Patterns, Testen und Techniken für sauberen Code, eBook epub (epub eBook) von Robert C. Martin bei hugendubel.de als Download für Tolino, eBook-Reader, PC, Tablet und Smartphone.

Allan Kelly Business Patterns for Software Developers

A must-have recipe book for building software Perhaps you can relate to this all-too common scenario: you know all about your software product?but could do with some help in understanding the strategic side of things. If so, this book is the one-stop resource you'll need in order to become a successful software entrepreneur. Patterns expert Allan Kelly provides you with the step-by-step route that needs to be followed in order to understand business strategy and operations. Each chapter starts out with a solid introduction and theoretical overview, which is then further illustrated with patterns and case studies, all aimed at helping you move into the management of software. Teaches you the ropes of business strategy and operations for software Places special emphasis on the patterns for those who make software for sale Addresses patterns philosophy, patterns strategies, business strategy patterns, and software company lifecycle Shares practical tools, tips, and examples of best practices so you can see how each specific pattern fits in and needs to be implemented. Business Patterns for Software Development divulges strategies, operations, and structures for building successful software.

3668.3 RUR

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Mike Hinchey Software Technology. 10 Years of Innovation in IEEE Computer

A comprehensive collection of influential articles from one of IEEE Computer magazine’s most popular columns This book is a compendium of extended and revised publications that have appeared in the “Software Technologies” column of IEEE Computer magazine, which covers key topics in software engineering such as software development, software correctness and related techniques, cloud computing, self-managing software and self-aware systems. Emerging properties of software technology are also discussed in this book, which will help refine the developing framework for creating the next generation of software technologies and help readers predict future developments and challenges in the field. Software Technology provides guidance on the challenges of developing software today and points readers to where the best advances are being made. Filled with one insightful article after another, the book serves to inform the conversation about the next wave of software technology advances and applications. In addition, the book: Introduces the software landscape and challenges associated with emerging technologies Covers the life cycle of software products, including concepts, requirements, development, testing, verification, evolution, and security Contains rewritten and updated articles by leaders in the software industry Covers both theoretical and practical topics Informative and thought-provoking throughout, Software Technology is a valuable book for everyone in the software engineering community that will inspire as much as it will teach all who flip through its pages.

7334.39 RUR

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Elias Bachaalany The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook

Hack your antivirus software to stamp out future vulnerabilities The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook guides you through the process of reverse engineering antivirus software. You explore how to detect and exploit vulnerabilities that can be leveraged to improve future software design, protect your network, and anticipate attacks that may sneak through your antivirus' line of defense. You'll begin building your knowledge by diving into the reverse engineering process, which details how to start from a finished antivirus software program and work your way back through its development using the functions and other key elements of the software. Next, you leverage your new knowledge about software development to evade, attack, and exploit antivirus software—all of which can help you strengthen your network and protect your data. While not all viruses are damaging, understanding how to better protect your computer against them can help you maintain the integrity of your network. Discover how to reverse engineer your antivirus software Explore methods of antivirus software evasion Consider different ways to attack and exploit antivirus software Understand the current state of the antivirus software market, and get recommendations for users and vendors who are leveraging this software The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook is the essential reference for software reverse engineers, penetration testers, security researchers, exploit writers, antivirus vendors, and software engineers who want to understand how to leverage current antivirus software to improve future applications.

4558.61 RUR

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Nicholson J. Codecharts. Roadmaps and blueprints for object-oriented programs

NEW LANGUAGE VISUALIZES PROGRAM ABSTRACTIONS CLEARLY AND PRECISELY Popular software modelling notations visualize implementation minutiae but fail to scale, to capture design abstractions, and to deliver effective tool support. Tailored to overcome these limitations, Codecharts can elegantly model roadmaps and blueprints for Java, C++, and C# programs of any size clearly, precisely, and at any level of abstraction. More practically, significant productivity gains for programmers using tools supporting Codecharts have been demonstrated in controlled experiments. Hundreds of figures and examples in this book illustrate how Codecharts are used to: Visualize the building-blocks of object-oriented design Create bird's-eye roadmaps of large programs with minimal symbols and no clutter Model blueprints of patterns, frameworks, and other design decisions Be exactly sure what diagrams claim about programs and reason rigorously about them Tools supporting Codecharts are also shown here to: Recover design from plain Java and visualize the program's roadmap Verify conformance to design decision with a click of a button This classroom-tested book includes two main parts: Practice (Part I) offers experienced programmers, software designers and software engineering students practical tools for representing and communicating object-oriented design. It demonstrates how to model programs, patterns, libraries, and frameworks using examples from JDK, Java 3D, JUnit, JDOM, Enterprise JavaBeans, and the Composite, Iterator, Factory Method, Abstract Factory, and Proxy design patterns. Theory (Part II) offers a mathematical foundation for Codecharts to graduate students and researchers studying software design, modelling, specification, and verification. It defines a formal semantics and a satisfies relation for design verification, and uses them to reason about the relations between patterns and programs (e.g., «java.awt implements Composite» and «Factory Method is an abstraction of Iterator»).

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Troy Hughes Martin SAS Data Analytic Development. Dimensions of Software Quality

Design quality SAS software and evaluate SAS software quality SAS Data Analytic Development is the developer’s compendium for writing better-performing software and the manager’s guide to building comprehensive software performance requirements. The text introduces and parallels the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) software product quality model, demonstrating 15 performance requirements that represent dimensions of software quality, including: reliability, recoverability, robustness, execution efficiency (i.e., speed), efficiency, scalability, portability, security, automation, maintainability, modularity, readability, testability, stability, and reusability. The text is intended to be read cover-to-cover or used as a reference tool to instruct, inspire, deliver, and evaluate software quality. A common fault in many software development environments is a focus on functional requirements—the what and how—to the detriment of performance requirements, which specify instead how well software should function (assessed through software execution) or how easily software should be maintained (assessed through code inspection). Without the definition and communication of performance requirements, developers risk either building software that lacks intended quality or wasting time delivering software that exceeds performance objectives—thus, either underperforming or gold-plating, both of which are undesirable. Managers, customers, and other decision makers should also understand the dimensions of software quality both to define performance requirements at project outset as well as to evaluate whether those objectives were met at software completion. As data analytic software, SAS transforms data into information and ultimately knowledge and data-driven decisions. Not surprisingly, data quality is a central focus and theme of SAS literature; however, code quality is far less commonly described and too often references only the speed or efficiency with which software should execute, omitting other critical dimensions of software quality. SAS® software project definitions and technical requirements often fall victim to this paradox, in which rigorous quality requirements exist for data and data products yet not for the software that undergirds them. By demonstrating the cost and benefits of software quality inclusion and the risk of software quality exclusion, stakeholders learn to value, prioritize, implement, and evaluate dimensions of software quality within risk management and project management frameworks of the software development life cycle (SDLC). Thus, SAS Data Analytic Development recalibrates business value, placing code quality on par with data quality, and performance requirements on par with functional requirements.

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Jasveer Singh Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication

Presents a new, effective methodology in software size measurement Software size measurement is an extremely important and highly specialized aspect of the software life cycle. It is used for determining the effort and cost estimations for project planning purposes of a software project’s execution, and/or for other costing, charging, and productivity analysis purposes. Many software projects exceed their allocated budget limits because the methodologies currently available lack accuracy. The new software size measurement methodology presented in this book offers a complete procedure that overcomes the deficiencies of the current methodologies, allowing businesses to estimate the size and required effort correctly for all their software projects developed in high level languages. The Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication (FSSM) allows for projects to be completed within the defined budget limits by obtaining accurate estimations. The methodology provides comprehensive and precise measurements of the complete software whereby factual software size determination, development effort estimation, and performance indications are obtained. The approach is elaborate, effective and accurate for software size measurement and development effort estimation, avoiding inaccurate project planning of software projects. Key features: Pinpoints one of the major, originating root causes of erroneous planning by disclosing hidden errors made in software size measurement, and consequently in effort estimates and project planning All the major relevant and important aspects of software size measurement are taken into consideration and clearly presented to the reader Functional Software Size Measurement Methodology with Effort Estimation and Performance Indication is a vital reference for software professionals and Master level students in software engineering. For further information and materials relating to this book, such as FSSM 1.0 Calculations Template for Results Tables and Graphs, containing Calculations, and Results Tables/Graphs for the Mini FSSM Example, please visit the following two accompanying websites: http://booksupport.wiley.com www.fssm.software

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Alain Abran Software Project Estimation. The Fundamentals for Providing High Quality Information to Decision Makers

This book introduces theoretical concepts to explain the fundamentals of the design and evaluation of software estimation models. It provides software professionals with vital information on the best software management software out there. End-of-chapter exercises Over 100 figures illustrating the concepts presented throughout the book Examples incorporated with industry data

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Alain Abran Software Metrics and Software Metrology

Most of the software measures currently proposed to the industry bring few real benefits to either software managers or developers. This book looks at the classical metrology concepts from science and engineering, using them as criteria to propose an approach to analyze the design of current software measures and then design new software measures (illustrated with the design of a software measure that has been adopted as an ISO measurement standard). The book includes several case studies analyzing strengths and weaknesses of some of the software measures most often quoted. It is meant for software quality specialists and process improvement analysts and managers.

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T. Southwood R.E. Ecological Methods

4th edition of this classic Ecology text Computational methods have largely been replaced by descriptions of the available software Includes procedure information for R software and other freely available software systems Now includes web references for equipment, software and detailed methodologies

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